Our Lady of Gwithian

Set in the same dark world as The Werewolf, Our Lady of Gwithian tells the story of an air-headed woman who loses her baby to the 'Piskies' and her unorthodox efforts to reclaim him. An addaption of Arthur Quiller Couch's narrative, experimenting with wax crayon and basic shapes.


To Be Added

The Werewolf

A wordless addaption of the story by Angela Carter for university project. Drawn using a mix of bold and fine black Posca pen on seawhite paper. Blue midtone applied using an alcohol marker on a translucent accetate sheet, recoloured and assembled on Photoshop.

The World Sandwich

In a college project to create a 'sandwich making book' I developed the concept of an eBook that could teach children to read. The eBook would use abilities of tablets, such as the touch screen and accelerometer, to progress with the story in a way that would engage young readers. The app also had the function to increase the word and story complexity alongside the child's reading ability.