"Humour is important."

Romeo and Juliet

During the first year of uni, the story Romeo and Juliet was asked to be advertised in The London Underground via Posters/ Billboards. As most people will say when reviewing the story, it's one of the greatest love stories ever told. There's me in the corner questioning the logic behind the story, 13 year old girl meets 16 year old boy, claim their love in a matter of minutes and soon dying a 'tradgic' death. Thus I approached this brief with a comedic sense as typical, generic elements were not allowed (love hearts, roses and death)


After reading the story again and rewatching the films, I could only shake my head to the most romantic story ever told. Of course the majority of the students decided to look into the opposing sides of Capulates and Montegues and modernising them. I went with the 'the logic is stupid' route and ended up creating 'First Date Kit' based from IKEA.


Originally going to be a series of posters based from the book, this turned into an actual kit one could use. It focuses on the beginning of Romeo's and Juliet's relationship, how... sudden it was. 

Billboard idea

Visiting IKEA and looking into their instruction manuals gave the authentic touch. Designing a pictogram to base the characters around, the font and visual identity was enjoyable, especially when adding the humour. 


Of course with that in mind, I thought how humourous it would be if couples actually acted out the balacony scene by using an instruction manual. The final result was from poster for the underground, to IKEA inspired 'First Date' kit. 

The box consisted of an instruction manual, a bottle of red wine, 4 candles, 1 mask, 1 yellow rose and the script from Balcony Scene.